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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Membership in the Association shall be available to any person who is a graduate of the San Marcos Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy, or former officers with five or more years with the department, and whose dues are paid in full, and meet and maintain the qualifications of the San Marcos Police Department policy manual. No person shall be denied membership in the Alumni Association because of race, religion, sex, handicap, political affiliation, age or ethnic background.

We have held Citizen Police Academy's since 1998 and began with Class #1. We are currently holding class #47. Please visit the City of San Marcos website to apply and join our next available class.

Class #1

Class # 41

Class #44

Let's make a change:

If you are asking yourself how you can help. Donations to our organization are always greatly appreciated. Visit our Support Us page to find out how. (#backtheblue #SMCPAAA #sanmarcostx #SMTX)

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